Car rental without credit card with cash or prepaid

Until recently, renting a car without a credit card was a rather difficult practice to exploit. This is because a credit card is considered a safe and fast system to increase the guarantees of getting back the rented vehicle and the charge of the extra expenses that can be presented even after a few months to the renter. A practical example? The unpaid motorway toll at the time of rental, which the car rental owner can charge to the card of whoever had the rented car at that time even after months.

Car hire without credit card

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Having said that, today there are numerous companies that allow you to do car hire without a credit card, all in a simple way. To understand how it works, let’s see the conditions that are generally applied by these companies, which can sometimes have territorial limitations (for example, operate only in a Region, or only in larger cities such as Rome, Catania, Milan, Bari, etc. but usually not in smaller provinces).

What is it for?

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The question that could be asked is: if the credit card serves as a guarantee why can some car rental companies afford to rent without using it? First of all, we are not talking about the use of some prepaid cards that look like a credit card because they are named and have embossed numbers. In the alternatives that we highlight, it is precisely those who manage the rental service who decide to make a special service available to meet those who do not have a credit card or who do not feel safe using it.

When granting a car rental without a credit card, other types of guarantees are required. Among the most common we find the cash security deposit which must be released to the manager until the vehicle is delivered.

This deposit is generally of a substantial amount even if in order to know its exact amount, you must refer to the company that allows you to take advantage of this type of service. Some car rentals provide for payment with a prepaid card and are protected by stipulating additional insurance coverage which may be offered with or without a deductible. In both cases, more specific documentation is required than that indicated for rental with credit card.

Considering that the rates applied may also be different from those advertised for standard situations (ie with credit cards) it is recommended to request quotes both with and without a credit card, and make your own assessments accordingly.


Being able to make a car rental without a credit card is more frequent than you might think. The security deposit involves the momentary ‘blocking’ of a fairly high amount (which will then be returned) but allows to lower the disbursement linked to any insurance coverage.

These lead to an overall higher expense but can protect us even more in the case of accidents and other risks that cannot be foreseen. Rental companies that offer these possibilities often operate in almost all cities with ports, large railway stations and airports. Obviously it is necessary to get several quotes to be able to mediate on the “extra” costs that will almost inevitably be incurred.