Walking – A great exercise concept for Seniors

As the aging process starts to intensify, many seniors face the ultimate challenge to stay active. There are various activities through which the elderly people can stay fit, however not every senior has the strength and skills to participate in specific programs. That is why, for many retired people, the concept of walking can be the perfect solution in order to stay fit and healthy. In this article we will analyze the benefits of walking for the elderly population.

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The first notable benefit is the prospect of improving the overall mood. When a senior person goes for a walk, the body system starts to release endorphins which has the role of a natural painkillers. In the same time it elevated the mood. Walking can be beneficial for senior also because it can lower the effect of depression, anxiety and other problems.


The second imperative advantage is that walking can improve the circulation. To be more specific, walking can help to seniors that suffer from heart disease. This claim is based on the act that walking can improve the blood flow while also increasing the oxygen in all part of the body.

According to a research study conducted by the University of Colorado, women who walk 30 minutes a day can reduce their risk of a stroke by 20 percent.


Third essential advantage of having a daily walks is that it can protect from becoming obese. Obesity has become a big problem for the population in North America. Obesity is even more risky for older adults that it is now considered a disease itself. It can cause numerous issues that can harm the health and the well-being of the seniors. That is why, incorporating a daily walking routine can help in the quest of burning calories and losing fat. This in turn will have the role of keeping the seniors healthy.


The concept of daily walks can be a good option for Improving the quality of sleep. Having a walk during the day can help in having a better sleep at night. More importantly walking early during the day usually raises the body temperature and in the evenings the body tend to cool down. The result of these two elements is that it gives the opportunity to have a good sleep at night. Another supportive argument is that walking may elevate serotonin levels that make the seniors to feel relaxed which can result with a good sleep


All in all, many seniors find that staying fit can be a hard task in the aging process. Also, due to the limited abilities for participation in other activities can make the process of staying fit even more complicated. That is why the good old walk can be solution for many elderly people. Even though it may seem a simple concept, it does offer a broad spectrum of positives from which every senior can benefit.